Is Your Teen Defiant And Unreachable? West Ridge Academy Has Answers

You feel like you’ve tried everything to help your defiant teen and still you are struggling to figure out what to do next. Don’t give up no matter how frustrating this can be. Deep down your child love and wants to have a good relationship with you, just like they did when they were young. Unfortunately turning into a teen can be difficult for the kids to adjust and they can become defiant in some cases. Truly defiant teens are the ones... [Read More...]

10 Of The Most Important Things A Teen Can Do For Diets

West Ridge Academy says that approximately 20% of teen are overweight and that number almost double by the time they are 35. Application of these lifestyle tips with change your life forever. Now lets just introduce the elephant in the room and say the real value of a person is what they are on the inside. Often being overweight superficially limits the teens social acceptance. It seems crazy but the public’s perception of those with weight... [Read More...]

West Ridge Academy – Simple But Powerful Ways To Conquer Depression

West Ridge Academy in a recent report teaches that the chemical change in your physiology that occurs with depression makes it one of the most common disorders. Often those that you associate with have never suffered from this disorder and give you poor advice when they tell you to ‘just get over it.’ Overcoming depression unfortunately isn’t a decision that can be simply made rather it reaches deep into ones life making it difficult... [Read More...]

Open Communication Fights Teen Rebelliousness – By Teen Experts At West Ridge Academy

According to West Ridge Academy, rebellion has become part of growing up among many teenagers today. Psychologists say that experiencing a brief moment of rebellion during adolescence is actually healthy, but when your child’s rebellious spirit continues on for months or years, then it is considered a serious threat to themselves and to the people around them. Due to this, experts are advising parents not to disregard any signs of rebellion... [Read More...]

West Ridge Academy On Parenting Options For Defient Teens

You feel like you’ve tried everything to help your defiant teen and not you are struggling to figure out what to do next, West Ridge Academy experts offers some help. Many parents before you have been there, in fact your own parents may have felt the same way, just don’t give up on them. Deep down your child love and wants to have a good relationship with you, just like the did when they were young. Unfortunately turning into a teen can... [Read More...]

Protecting Your Children From Online Dangers By West Ridge Academy

No matter where you live, whether in a 3rd world country or the most advanced the Internet is the primary means by which people access information and communicate according to expert observations by professionals at West Ridge Academy. This is a double edged sword for parents as they want their kids to learn by accessing information and use the Internet for communicating, yet it is the primary means in today’s world that predators bully, stalk,... [Read More...]

A Guide To Teen Self-Esteem Issues For Parents By West Ridge Academy

West Ridge Academy says that your kids’ care-free days when you see them do their own thing as they play, eat or mingle with their friends won’t last forever. However, as your kids start to enter the adolescent stage they will be facing a lot more complicated problems than just low scores at school or losing at street games. In fact, many adolescents today look and feel more problematic than their parents! Because many teens in today’s... [Read More...]

Overprotecting Your Child According To West Ridge Academy Is Bad Parenting

Sometimes the use of ‘Overprotective’ or ‘Helicopter’ Parenting is over used says West Ridge Academy Experts. For example, it is human nature to want to protect your child especially when you see them approaching dangerous situations or even situations that aren’t particular dangerous but could cause some discomfort when they trip and fall down. Well, there’s absolutely nothing wrong in keeping your child safe and... [Read More...]

Understanding The Lost Child Syndrome

Parents, do you spend enough time with your teen? Would you know the negative and positive things to be discussed with them? This article of West Ridge Academy will provide you with suggestions on how to go about such a situation with your teen. We believe that every parent should have a set time to set aside and just spend time and talk with their teen. Oftentimes, teens are just waiting for their parents to initiate that open communication line... [Read More...]

Strengthen the Bonds with your Children by Chores: From West Ridge Academy

Forging a bond with your children is one of the most special things parents and children can experience, and of course, the children at West Ridge Academy would love to create warm, special memories of bonding with their guardians or parents. When most parents think of bonding with their children, they think of playing with them in the pool or at the park. But besides that, did you ever stop to think that you and your children can form bonds by doing... [Read More...]