Protect Your Eyes From The Sun To Save Your Eyesight

It’s very likely that you haven’t thought about the negative effects that sunlight has on the eyes and vision. Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one. Although virtually everyone uses some form of UV-blocking face cream or body lotion, a recent survey showed that only 32% of Americans know that they need proper protection from dangerous sun rays as well. Why? In what way can sunlight damage the eyes and is it true that frequent... [Read More...]

Leading Three Reasons Behind Low Back Discomfort and Pain

Among the most prominent conditions among old people nowadays are the occurrence of low back discomfort. This is really accurate particularly if an excellent number of people aged 40 and above reside in locations where the temperature is generally low and the climate is humid. When it comes to the sources of low back discomfort, temperature is just one aspect that we want you to know about because literally, there are tons of them ad you’ve... [Read More...]