Worldwide Turmoil Caused in Part on Drinking Water Lack

Have you ever heard the adage, “Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink”? It’s a vintage saying that is much more true today than it was when it was first written. The world is made up of 70% water; however, even that’s not sufficient to sustain all the life on earth adequately. The truth is, more than 2 billion people worldwide don’t have the fresh water that they require for drinking and sanitation, which number... [Read More...]

Disasters Create a Reason for Emergency Mobile Water Purification

It’s just as practical for folks who live in the largest metropolitan areas to experience disaster situations as it is for those in more agricultural settings. Even though we think about tornadoes in states like Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska, it’s basically possible for them to strike anywhere. There are many other sorts of emergencies that could affect the planet’s largest cities. The only difference from when they hit in a... [Read More...]