Do Your Research Before Buying A Used Or New Tanning Beds

Anybody who’s likely to buy their very own tanning bed must take some time to do some research first. After all, even though you are a regular tanner, simply how much do you really know regarding the particular kinds of beds which are available on the market? And if you don’t know all of the pros and cons about the various designs, exactly how will you know whether you are having a nice buy for your cash? Regardless if you are planning... [Read More...]

Are there any Real Benefits to Making use of Self tanning Pills?

Confronted by the desire to get a “healthy” tan without exposing unprotected skin to harmful rays of the sun, some people use self-proclaimed sunless tanning pills. Supposedly, you take these pills as directed,and your skin develops and retains a lovely tan. It almost sounds too easy, and, as with most things which are extremely simple, you can find drawbacks to using the products. If the critics can be believed, these drawbacks include... [Read More...]