Stylish Senior Shots

There were distinct developmental changes included in photography over time, but not only has photography evolved, however the way that photographers photograph senior portraits has as well. There are have been many rituals for senior portraits, and a concept that was produce as little as ten years ago for that annual is going to look much distinct from a concept that you will view in a yearbook now. High school senior portraits used to seem the identical,... [Read More...]

Most Impressive Life Experiences

There are many things in life that people look forward to. Senior year of high school is included in these things. There are many memorable things that happen when you’re a senior. Some of these things are a huge deal and some are not as crucial. The range of things to look forward can be from something as big as graduation, to something as small as senior pictures. It can be difficult to find people to help you get through some events that... [Read More...]

Pictures are a Great Way to Capture the Best of Your Family

Many people promise themselves they will carry their cameras with them at all times so they are able to capture the best moments of their family history. At special events, parties, and holidays, they snap photos left and right, but the film goes undeveloped or they load the photos onto their computers and forget them. If you are looking to preserve family history and be able to look back on all of the great memories you have shared, take collections... [Read More...]

Guard Yourself by Eliminating These Hazardous Practices While You Are Driving a Car

As Heather drove to the Cincinnati photography studio, she was thinking about how she was going to look in her photos. As a graduating upperclassman in her high school, she was excited to be getting her senior pictures taken and was looking forward to receiving them. As she made her way through the heavy traffic she was thinking about the three different outfits she had brought along to change into and also she was concerned about her new haircut... [Read More...]

Ways To Get The Right Pose On Those Big Occasions

When it comes to special occasions, nothing holds the memory better than a great set of photographs which always draw comments. such as high school senior pictures. A Cincinnati photographer will have all the skills necessary to fulfill the dreams of the client and produce some great snaps that will last forever. Cincinnati senior pictures are also a great way to capture those unforgettable moments. There have been occasions when people have hired... [Read More...]