Incredible Points On How Demand For Playground Safety Surface Is Increasing

Getting a safety surface installed in a playground is a thing that’s becoming a lot more frequent all over the United Kingdom, since the areas that the parks are built in become more and more urbanised. Gone are the days when kids could ride their bikes down the road to some park surrounded by trees and developed on soft grass – nowadays most parks tend to be found hastily constructed between towering blocks of apartments, or in the centre... [Read More...]

Fantastic Tips – Which Safety Surface Is Right For You?

As essential safety is one of the most important considerations within the specific business, it is not surprising that we’ve seen so many developments and so many different options in terms of the safety surface you get on the average play ground. There are many accidents at these locations as it is, but since international benchmarks have been put into practice the volume of accidents has definitely diminished. Precisely what are the various... [Read More...]