Choosing A Wedding Photographer – What You Should Bear In Mind

Wedding photographers tend to be a crucial part of your special day, and you must be sure that you take the time to select the right photographer. Organising a wedding can be extremely stressful and you’ll have numerous different things you need to arrange, prepare and book. There aren’t any easy tasks when planning your wedding day and each and every aspect needs to be handled in the correct way to avoid any disappointment. You need to... [Read More...]

How to Handle Your Destination Wedding Photography

A party planner will find out soon enough that organizing a destination wedding is extremely tiring. When planning a destination wedding, finalizing the wedding details can get very tense. What’s available on location may be different from what the couple expects. A party planner for a destination wedding should always be alert to changes of plans. All these just make a destination wedding more exciting than a wedding in a familiar location. One... [Read More...]

Why Hire Professional Wedding Photographers?

A wedding is a huge milestone for most people. Some of the grandest weddings around the world take a year or so to plan. On paper, the planning seems easy, but the execution of the plans could take longer. The family of the couple also demands perfection when it comes to all the aspects of the wedding. So what can someone do to make a wedding truly special? You can hire professionals to do most of the job for you. Professionals do their job well,... [Read More...]

How To Take Great Birthday Pictures

View How To Take Birthday Pictures Video Here Shooting a birthday celebration celebration can easily be a genuine challenge. From the arriving of the kids, to the party games, blowing out the candles on the birthday cake, and opening presents, there’s a lot to do! Below are some excellent pointers for capturing all the fun on film from professional photographer Nigel Barker:. 1) Use an enhanced video camera with functions that make it simple... [Read More...]