A Handful Of Thought Provoking Football Facts

While you already may know many of the standard stories and folklore, there probably are many interesting football facts that you’re not yet aware of, so following are a few insights that might enlighten you. Some things about the sport of football are pretty well known, such as the dimensions of the field and number of players on a side. Little known facts There‚Äôs no video film of Super Bowl I Average length of career, about four years Soccer... [Read More...]

Shoot Really Good Soccer Images With These Tips

If you’re like most parents with kids in soccer, you’ll want to take a ton of soccer photos of your kid flying down the soccer field doing their best to score a goal. Or, if the child is the goalie, then you’ll want to capture him doing his best to prevent a goal. Soccer Photos Although the following suggestions are of the basic variety, your photographic skills for covering your child’s soccer matches will be enhanced if... [Read More...]

Preparing Pics for Print with Digital Photo Books

So you’re ready to publish the first of many digital photo books. You’ve chosen the size, theme and background. There seem to be no barriers to your ultimate success, so you begin the uploading process…. Thinking things are as they should be, you suddenly are dismayed when the dreaded red pop-up says your images are of inferior quality. Whaaaat?? The impact digital cameras have had on the simple act of taking photographs is phenomenal.... [Read More...]

Amazing Dallas Maternity and Newborn Pictures

Once upon a time, a baby’s first pictures became candids of Mommy in your home in a tent dress, striving to hide her shape or avoid being photographed altogether. Portraits for the little one’s first exposure to the world beyond Mommy became made by a hospital photographer hovering over a sterile nursery cot. Maternity photos have not always been seen in such a lovely light. Pregnancy, in the past, was some thing to be hidden and diminished.... [Read More...]

Stylish Senior Shots

There were distinct developmental changes included in photography over time, but not only has photography evolved, however the way that photographers photograph senior portraits has as well. There are have been many rituals for senior portraits, and a concept that was produce as little as ten years ago for that annual is going to look much distinct from a concept that you will view in a yearbook now. High school senior portraits used to seem the identical,... [Read More...]