How To Tell When You’re Depressed

Victorian Counselling and Psychological Services Depression affects a lot of people. Thus, it is referred to as the common cold of psychological disorders. We all feel down and disheartened from time to time. However, when the feeling of despair and gloom take hold on you and won’t disappear, then, you could be suffering from depression. When you are depressed, enjoying life and performing your daily activities can be so difficult. Even getting... [Read More...]

Various Mood Disorders and Its Features

A disturbance in a man or woman’s psychological state can be described as mood dysfunction. The manifestation of mental illness indicators can be in various forms and this may include depression or mania or a combination of these kinds of and each basic type of mood dysfunction is further categorized into different types. * Depressive disorder: this is regarded as the most typical kind of depressive dysfunction. This is when a man or woman enter... [Read More...]