Bonding Activities for Fathers and Sons Following a Divorce

It feels good to win visitation rights with your child, but you may not know what activities are good to do. Since you’ll have a limited amount of time together, you want to do something that makes the most of your time. According to research, spending quality time with their father will enable a boy to turn into a more productive citizen. There are certain things that boys can’t learn elsewhere and need to learn them from their fathers.... [Read More...]

Discussing Divorce With Children

Children in this generation have to deal with divorce more than at any other time in history. After all, even if they haven’t been through it in their own families, they will most likely have friends who have dealt with the blow. They may not know everything about it, but they’ll probably heard horror stories of what it’s about. Whether you and your spouse are getting ready to separate or it’s going to happen to one of your... [Read More...]

Trying Out Marriage Counselors

In case you are on the verge of losing your sanity on account of relationship troubles, find assist from your family and close friends and they may possibly just be capable to shed some light and truth on your current dilemma. Do it appropriate aside before you get caught in possibly breaking up using your wife or husband on account of these crises that may well sooner or later lead to a legal separation. The following are just a few on the issues... [Read More...]