Love Handles Don’t have to be Hard to Lose

If someone says that you have love handles, it’s really a nice way of saying that you are carrying around extra fat. If these “handles” were simply there to make it easier to hold onto loved ones, who could complain about that? The truth, however, is that love handles are really just a euphemism for unhealthy pockets of fat around the midsection. Some people have love handles so prominent that they hang over the waistband of their... [Read More...]

Top Strategies To Eradicate Love Handles Fast

Having love handles isn’t actually as lovely as the term suggests it to be. More often than not, men would kill just to learn how to get rid of love handles fast because they feel tormented by the presence of this excess fat around their waists. When summer comes, and everyone tries to hit the beach with an awesome body, losing love handles is definitely at the top of the to-lose-list. How to get rid of love handles fast? It is a challenging... [Read More...]