Don’t Consider Divorce Too Soon

Does it seem like you and your spouse are angry at each other all of the time? Do fights disturb the majority of the time you are together, and you just can’t seem to get along any more? One of you may end up considering divorce as an option if the situation doesn’t improve. Maybe there are real grounds for separation, but just maybe your marriage can still be saved. There are various ways that you can save your marriage as long as there... [Read More...]

How to Set Up a Family Budget Sheet

Financial issues are a common reason why people get divorced. He doesn’t like how much money she spends on household expenses, and she resents his expenditures on toys like golf carts and mammoth TVs. Maybe she’s a shopaholic and buys more than the family can possibly ever use, or he could hold a tight rein on the purse strings and not provide the things his family needs. Couples can fight over money for many different reasons, but mainly... [Read More...]