What Sets Off Acid Reflux Disorder

Several things can trigger acid reflux disease conditions and this may result to heartburn problems. Some of these common triggers include the following: * Consuming alcohol* Weight problems* Cigarette smoking* Acid indigestion* Being pregnant* Intake of spicy foods* Certain medicines* Overindulging* Carbonated and caffeinated beverages* Laying down after eating Typical indicators of the ailment, however, include the following: * Symptoms of heartburn*... [Read More...]

What You Need to Learn About Heartburn Ailments

The gastric acid is mainly responsible for food digestion within the stomach, without leading to any damage to the lining in the stomach. This gastric acid is locked inside with the assistance of the lower esophageal sphincter or LES. The LES is located between the stomach and the esophagus. In normal conditions, the LES opens up for a while to allow the food to get into the stomach. However, once this valve starts to open up frequently, this could... [Read More...]

Discussions of Three Various kinds of Heartburn Medicines

Once you have your first experience of heartburn, you might think you’re going into cardiac arrest. Regardless how painful the sensations might be, however, they’ve got nothing concerning your heart and everything concerning your stomach. When stomach acid builds up and is forced back up your esophagus, it produces heartburn. Therefore, the important thing to avoiding heartburn is to keep the stomach acid low and flowing the way it is... [Read More...]