Freehold Chiropractor Helps Patient with Low Back Pain

Low back pain is suffered by so many people. Adam is lucky that one of his neighbors recommended that he see a local chiropractor. He was suffering with low back pain that he described as having a 2 by 4 that was slammed into his lower back. After going to see Dr. Russell Brokstein of Hometown Family Wellness Center in Freehold, NJ, Adam started seeing relief after the first visit and is now once again able to perform his normal daily activities.... [Read More...]

Freehold Chiropractor Helps Patient with Low Back and Hip Pain Walk Again

Low back pain and hip pain can affect how people walk. Many of these people have to use the assistance of a walker or cane to be able to get around. If you suffer with pain that causes you to use a walker or cane, there are option for you to be pain free again.. Norma’s hip pain and low back pain was bad for a long time, causing her to use a walker and cane. She fortunately found Dr Russell Brokstein of Hometown Family Wellness Center... [Read More...]

Pregnancy Back Pain Relief by Freehold Chiropractor

Pregnancy can cause low back pain in many women. Over several months of pregnancy the pain usually gets worse. Drugs are not a viable option as they can results in side effects on the baby. Fortunately for some pregnant women, their OBGYN refers them to a chiropractor. Chiropractors use gentle, effective and safe techniques in relieving the pain. Chiropractic has also been effective in making delivery of the baby easier. Christina was recommended... [Read More...]