5 common dog training myths

When it comes to dog training, sometimes it’s hard to separate the truth from the fluff. It can be confused to beginner as different sources often give you contradicting information. You will be wasting a lot of time on some half-truth or unreliable training method, even if it comes from dog trainers. To help you get started with dog training, I reveal in this article the 5 common mistakes that dog owners make. Dog Training Common Myths 1. A... [Read More...]

Dog Training – Training Your Dog How TO Sit In 4 Small Steps

For any pup exactly like very nearly any other mammal, sitting is a healthy activity. But nonetheless , getting the doggie to join the sitting movement by using a specified command word can sometimes be a obstacle. With that being said, the pup owner can certainly train their dog to sit in reaction to a command by using a couple of steps and practicing the steps until the dog understands and heeds the command word having very little if any prompting. Regardless... [Read More...]