Denied Social Security Benefits? Hire A Lawyer for Appeal

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Denied Social Security Benefits? Hire A Lawyer for Appeal

The consideration of needing to manage an appeal distresses me immediately. However, I’ve never been in a situation calling for an appeal, I can suppose the aggravation when it includes to SSI appeal. What’s much more frustrating is when you are worthy of it! There existstons of claims where individuals suppose that they might have the capacity to qualify for social security benefits and obtain them; then if you’re doing every thing appropriately... [Read More...]

Manual Wheelchairs Can Provide Independence

Manual wheelchairs are made in a spectrum of types to provide 21st century consumers with the highest degree of independence and simultaneously fulfilling their mobility needs. These wheelchairs can be found on a website or at retailers for between $200 and $4000, so there actually is a product made for everybody’s needs and credit score. Manual wheelchairs are available as folding frame wheelchairs or rigid frame wheelchairs, and both are really... [Read More...]

Disabled Actor Cast as Lead in New Movie “The Angel”

Eddie McGee, who lost a leg to cancer when he was twelve, has struggled to overcome adversity and has landed the lead role in Paul Hough’s THE ANGEL, which recently finished post-production and is heading on the film festival circuit.. Eddie, who became one of the world’s most famous amputees when he won the CBS show BIG BROTHER, has recently also completed filming for both Law And Order and Guiding Light. “Usually I get cast as... [Read More...]