Five Tips to Make Your Child a Morally Sound Individual

Numerous individuals that their actions are justified by their sense of morality. What many do not realize is that morality is bound to culture and religion. The fact that there are numerous cultures and religions seems to be forgotten by many. Here are five simple tips that would make you child a morally sound individual regardless of the culture and religion they are raised in. 1. Acceptance of differences. Too many people focus on the specific... [Read More...]

Seven Ways to Boost Up Confidence in Your Child

Someone once said these words, that “…all children are born geniuses, they are just raised as idiots.” This was not in reference to the IQ level of a child. It simply means that children naturally want to be independent but they lose this need when they are not encouraged. Here are seven simple ways which would prevent the lack of self confidence to develop in a child. 1. Acceptance of Self. This is very important. It is very important... [Read More...]

Motivating the Child to Learn Over the Internet

Research has shown that children learn faster when they do it over the internet. Multimedia learning is easier on the kids than all other forms of learning. A child is attracted to what is on the screen and that could increase the learning. The internet also puts them in touch with the rest of the world. It can get frustrating for them if they learn from books which are not only outdated but the images are also not that attractive, while the internet... [Read More...]

Extracurricular Activities: How Much is Too Much?

It is normal for a child to participate in numerous extracurricular activities in school and out of it. Not only will it benefit their academics and bodies, but it is also beneficial to their psyche as well. Sometimes the only way to get over the peer pressures would be to allow the children to socialize. Their grades can benefit for there are some subjects which require extracurricular activities. But there are really times when the activities can... [Read More...]

How to Control Child Aggression

Child aggression is when a child becomes physically and verbally abusive to others. Many see aggression in a child and immediately label them as problem children. The truth is that children who are aggressive are children who have problems; they just do not know how to deal with it. Because they are frightened and lost, they do not feel in control. The need to take back a semblance of the control is through the aggressive behavior. Here are some simple... [Read More...]

Stopping the Child From Watching Too Much TV

Television is both a benefit and a curse, especially when it comes to children. It does not help that television companies make sure that they have shows which could addict a child to watch and leave all other activities in the air. This has been a cause of worry for many parents all around the world. Here are just some of the methods which could help the parents control the amount of time spent in front of the television. 1. Regulations. Boundaries... [Read More...]

Importance of Child Counseling

Counseling defined is a guidance offered by a social worker, a school guidance counselor or some other qualified person who will make sure to help out a child resolve difficult issues touching on personal goals or social adjustments. A child who gets child counseling will be guided to learning how to resolve their problems. The child counseling could be done in a school guidance office or it could be in a clinicians office if it involves therapeutic... [Read More...]

Benefits of Giving Quality Time to Your Children

Gone are the days where at least one parent stays at home with the children to see to their needs and listen to their issues which only parents can help with. Long gone are the days where if both parents cannot stay with the children, significant others like an extended family member would be there to help out. Many families today have to deal with the constant financial pressures and this would put pressure on the parents to spend more time out of... [Read More...]