Choosing Fun Action Figures For Boys

Action figures will always be very different from dolls. And even more different than dolls are “ride on toys” like the Kidtrax Red Fire Engine. The majority of action figures will be male, and most dolls usually are female, however there’s more to it than that. Barbie’s beau Ken isn’t going to be an action figure, since he dons no armor, has no weapons and was not created to take down bad guys. Boys like to play at... [Read More...]

The Best Action Figure Toys

Action figure toys usually aren’t for only play but also for adult collecting too. They are remarkable gift ideas for youths of nearly every age, boys in particular. From the past up to the present, action figure toys seem to have been a passion of many boys and girls most commonly those who are big fanatics of good adventure TV shows and also movies, animated or otherwise. Since their popularity from the 1960’s with their creation of... [Read More...]

Power Rangers Are Still A Lot Of Fun

Power Rangers toys are still obtaining a wonderful amount of awareness from children and families, simply as the varied incarnations of the TV show still do so. This is impressive, taking under consideration that the Power Rangers originally hit tv screens within the west in the form of a cheap child’s TV series that had been pieced together from imported Japanese shows mixed with new footage filmed within the US. This hodgepodge way to making... [Read More...]

The Best G.I. Joe Cinema Merchandise For Christmas

There are some thrilling G.I. Joe products around for this Christmas, that any admirer of the celebrated characters and the big screen movie are sure to love! The live action G.I. Joe movie, The Rise of Cobra, brought these celebrated characters to the awareness of a whole new-found generation of fans, and thus the line of G.I. Joe products that is currently around is much asked for. The movie was a summer hit and is set to do even better on DVD... [Read More...]