Flannel Sheets Keep Bodies Warm and Comfortable

Since the seventeenth century, flannel has been keeping bodies warm. This fabric originated in Wales and consists of a cotton-wool blend that calls up images of lumberjack-type red and white plaid shirts. These images do hold bit of truth, as flannel is certainly favored among blue collar workers in colder climates because the fabric insulates and keeps warmth in.

Lumberjacks aren’t the only people who can enjoy flannel, however! Flannel has recently enjoyed a popularity boom, as it is now commonly used to make robes, pajama pants, and even bedding.

Flannel sheets are now sold by a variety of shops and clothing catalogs and come in an assortment of colors and prints. Flannel sheets lend beds with a certain homey or rustic feel that remakes and renovates the atmosphere of a bedroom.

Identifying the best set of bed sheets can be a complex process. Sheets come in many varieties including Egyptian cotton, pima cotton, supima cotton, sateen, pinpoint, jersey, and flannel.

Egyptian cotton sheets are known for their luxurious softness and tend to be more expensive than most other sheets. In fabrics, the softness and durability of the sheets is determined by the length of the fibers-longer is better.

While less soft to the touch that Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton makes up for it by being stronger with more durability. This type of sheet was developed in the southwestern United States.

Supima cotton is cotton that has been certified by the Supima Association of America to ensure that the fabric is grown in the American southwest. Cotton is a crop that is even produced in the US, so home-grown cotton and home-grown cotton products are becoming more popular as they support American’s agricultural wealth.

Sateen sheets can be smooth and shiny-looking, but they don’t hold up to use as well as other materials. Sateen sheets are generally unpopular due to impracticality.

While not as soft to the touch, pinpoint is still one of the most durable fabrics. Therefore, this fabric has fallen out of favor with many shoppers.

Jersey sheets feel like a tee shirt has been wrapped around you. Jersey sheets can’t boast the same smoothness as some other sheets, but many people still enjoy the certain cozy, slightly rough texture of them.

Flannel sheets really have the best of all worlds, with durable material, that is soft to the touch and not very expensive to buy. Flannel comes in a variety of fineness, so that sleepers can enjoy flannel sheets year round. For all of these reasons, flannel sheets are enjoying a resurgence of popularity. Cozy, warm, and in-style, flannel sheets will update any room while keeping sleepers comfortable.

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