Dreams Can Be Fulfilled

As the young lady stepped into the shop, she looked around the shop, pausing at the display of equestrian helmet covers. So many styles from which to choose! How would the girl ever pick the right one out of the entire riding helmet covers available? It felt like such a unimportant choice, so inconsequential; yet, this was the beginning with any luck of many shows. Ever since she could remember, she had always been enthralled by horses. Perhaps she got her fascination for them from her mother, who had been a champion horse rider in her day. When she was a small child, she loved being surrounded by horses and taking care of them. Her father and mother owned a renowned horse ranch in the region, so she got to know a lot of horses. Her parents promised her she could start training when she was a little older. And then it happened, the tragedy that cost her mother’s life.

It began as a run of the mill day. Her mother and father were out in the stables, making the final repairs and cleaning the stables for the new horses that were going to be residing at their ranch. By mid-morning the horses had gotten there and her father and mother were getting them accustomed to their new surroundings. The girl was already at school since it had started a month ago. In the middle of math class, there was a knock on the door and the school principal came into the classroom. The principal went over to the math professor and quietly murmured something. Then he came to her desk, asked her to get her belongings and come with him to the office. Thinking she had done something wrong, the young girl questioned the principal. It was then that he explained her father was coming by the school to pick her up. There was an accident at their house and he needed to take her back to their ranch. When her dad arrived, his face was very pale and he had tears in his eyes. He gave his daughter a few choppy sentences, describing how one of the new horses had assaulted her mother, crushing her body. Her mother was at the nearest hospital, but the situation was very grave, and the doctors didn’t expect her to survive. In shock and sadness, the father and daughter went to the medical center. Her mother, broken and barely conscious, passed away shortly with her family at her side.

After her mother died, her {father|dad] put the ranch up for sale, unable to bear the sadness that seemed to overwhelm him. They found a small home in a different town and started to make a new life for themselves. As she matured, the girl let go of her aspirations since they only caused her grief. She found new activities and gradually seemed to get better.

It was really by chance that the woman ever was around horses again. She had a blind date at a nearby stable. As her tears began to fall, she revealed the story of how her mother died and her childhood. Despite her fears, she got onto the horse and rode. A few months later, she began learning how to ride horses.

After several minutes of scanning the merchandise, she discovered one that she liked. With a smile, she picked it up and walked to the sales associate at the register, ready to pursue her dreams.

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