Four Great Spots To Go To At Night When Visiting Florida

Fort Lauderdale became a big place to go for young college Spring Breakers in the 80’s and 90’s. Although the amount of Spring Breaker partiers has decreased a bit over the years there is still a lot of things to do in the evening around this area according to a Fort Lauderdale cosmetic dentist who also does Fort Lauderdale general dentistry. The image has changed in the area from being college aged kids who were getting drunk on beer to a more sophisticated vibe that appeals to the hipper 20’s and 30’s age group. The article lists some of the great places to go at night in the Fort Lauderdale area such as bars or clubs.

The Blue Martini is a fun place that has a chain of places located in other cities such as Las Vegas, Miami and Phoenix just to name some. They are obviously known for their martinis and have a choice of 25 different ones to try. They also have live music to listen to or dance to and feature a nice outdoor patio also for when the weather is nice. They serve tapas type of menu with small plates to try and share and are known for their great service by the wait staff. As any hot club or place has, they also feature a VIP room for the special guests that arrive as well.

If you want the ultimate in a beachy kind of bar to go to head to Lulu’s Bait Shack which is situated right on the beach and has all outdoor seating for some great seafood selections as well as fun cocktails. The staff is extremely friendly and the atmosphere is a very fun, relaxed one where customers are sitting back enjoying the location on the beach and eating some great food and enjoying their beverages as well. A great alternative to the loud, nightclubs for those who want to sit back and relax with their friends over great food and drinks.

Tarpon Bend is another great place to go at night or during the day too if you want to have lunch. It is located in the Riverwalk section of Fort Lauderdale and has a modern décor accented with beautiful woodwork. There is a main floor in addition to a balcony and they feature live music a few nights a week with the most popular being, reggae night on Mondays. They have some great seafood dishes in addition to an amazing raw bar as well as. Go to Tarpon bend for those who not only want to listen to music and have drinks but eat some great local food too.

If you wish to boogie and find a great place to dance, go to café Iguana Pines which is packed with young clientele who are fashionably dressed and enjoys dancing to 80’s and 90’s music as well as hip hop and techno also. Around the huge dance floor are ten bars and several places to lounge too.

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