Pros And Cons Of The Separate Eating

There is a lot of information that you can find about such weight loss method that calls separate eating, but plainly very few people knows of how and when to eat. And what are the advantages and disadvantages of this very method? I want to offer you two points of view: practical guidance to action on the basis of personal experience.

The major principle of such eating is that fibers and carbohydrates should be eaten separately. (Eggs, meat, fish, milk, kefir, and cheese) it is impossible to use fibers of an animal origin together with carbohydrates (bread, chocolate, sweet fruit, a potato, farinaceous food). It is not good for you to consume in one meal fish and meat, and also meat or fish with a potato, macaroni, because only the vegetables can be a garnish. If there are malfunctions with a gastro enteric path, what usually happens to people with overweight so boiled or stewed food is more preferable.

A separate food method means that you will have to refuse from tea and coffee. For me this moment was difficult enough: who does not like to drink coffee with something sweet? But this system is also attractive, because any withdrawal from rules in reasonable limits is quite permissible: forbidden products in a separate food method are not present.

So if wish to lose weight so you should choose the cereals without nuts, eat more fruits, and fresh juice gives an enormous charge of energy since the morning. The dinner should consist of meat, fish, or a boiled potato with vegetable oil, or the baked vegetables.

At such scheme you will definitely get some successful and visible weight loss results as the digestive system is not hammered by the food rests. Gradually the organism is released from the slags which have been accumulated in your organism for years and everything because overeating and consumption of unhealthy food. Therefore your excessive weight will disappear without any hunger-strikes and restrictions.

Now in the mornings I wake up with a feeling of vivacity and easiness. My former predilections have also changed: now I recollect how I stood idle in turn behind hamburgers, because now I don’t even like this kind of food. But do not think that with the transition to a separate food method restaurants won’t be good for you anymore, because in any menu there are salads, fish or the meat, prepared in a healthy way or without fat. By the way, the requirement for meat decreases in due course and now even after a small slice of a beefsteak I feel unpleasant weight, absence of energy.

And in the conclusion I want to say that I have lost weight gradually and without any discomfort, and also without any starving on rigid diets.

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