Choosing Cremation

In Canada today around one third of all deaths are followed by cremation. This is up around fifteen percent in the last 15 years and, in some parts of Canada, cremation is still rising.
Although not to everyones taste, cremation should be understood and carried out by your family if it’s your preference. Cremation involves burning the human body at a very high temperature, and reducing the bone fragments to ash. Bigger bones are broken down and pulverised. These ashes are then kept in an Urn, either organised by the funeral home or family. This Urn can then be housed at the family home or indeed at a columbarium.
Research shows that nearly thirty percent of the population of Canada opt for cremation over burial for financial reasons. Without the need of a head stone and grave site the cost of cremations can be remarkably lower than a {traditional~normal] burial. There is also no need for an expensive casket or coffin, again saving you money.
Research also shows that approximately 14% of people choose to be cremated because it is less stressful, emotional and allot easier than a traditional burial.
Cremations are maybe on the rise due to the fact that the ‘ashes’ can be scattered where the deceased has chosen or even one of their favourite spots making it more personal than a burial. These days with people on the move all the time it may not be convenient to place a loved one in a local cemetery away from friends and family who will be unable to visit. Keeping your loved ones ashes in an Urn will ensure your close by.
Services can still be held when you are cremated and poems and speeches read by close friends and family. Specifically dedicated hymns and songs can be played for a more personal touch.
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