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What do we usually do if we want to get a modern and fashionable hair style? Most of us buy women’s magazines. We look through pages to find the best hair style ever. We consider celebrities to be the right examples of perfect hair styles for any of us. But that is not correct. The best hair style for you is the one that suits the shape of your face.

The oval face if the easiest one to choose a hair style for. Those who have such a face could wear nearly any hair style – and it will look good on them. An oval face is the one that is one and a half times longer than its width. Except for this, the forehead should be a bit wider than the jaw. Oval face appears to be the most popular today. Lots of hair styles are designed to suit this type of face.

Round faces are the ones with round chins. They seem to need more length. So the task of the hair style is to give them this desired length. Or, literary, an illusion of it. Bangs look really good on such faces, although they must be long or swept to the sides to provide the wanted effect.

Another shape of the face is a heart. This face is narrower at jaw and wider at temples. For heart shaped faces it is preferable to wear soft and long top layers.

Square faces appear to be too short. So a hair cut looks better when it creates some extra height.

Diamond shaped faces look their best with hair cuts that create extra width at the forehead and at the same time make it narrower at the middle part of the face. This way the look of oval face is achieved. Another common shape of a face is pear. It appears when a face has a round chin, and when its narrowest part is forehead. The task of a perfect hair cut is to create width at temples and forehead.

If you have an oblong face, you might want to give it a more proportioned look. Some haircuts allow to do achieve that result. The general problem of an oblong face is to make it look shorter and wider.

Rectangular faces are long and narrow and at the same time they have square cheekbone and forehead. So, the goal of the perfect hair style is to add some width in the middle of the face. Another good thing for such a face is to wear bangs. A side part style could be a right solution as well.

An oval face and a true diamond face are the ones that look great with most of haircuts. But choosing the right haircut for your face is not an overwhelming task as soon as you consult a professional hair dresser.

Looks really matter. That is why cute hairstyles can help a lot to “enhance” your image.

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