Daughter of Alcoholic Regains Control Over Her Addictions At Executive Recovery

How was I able to get rid of my addictions? It was at Pur Detox, a high-class detox center in California, where I spent a considerable amount of time, Before I move on any further, let me tell you why I ended up in an upscale rehab center and became the person I am now. Exec Detox

I am the only child; dad was an untreated alcoholic and mom didn’t care much about dad’s drinking problems. Most of my childhood days were uneventful because my father was always drunk and mom and I drove off to escape my father’s rages.

Dad’s doctors suggested he take Antibuse but he didn’t do it. Mom did all her best so that Dad could take the pills everyday but she grew tired of it and our life in general. She met another man when I was in my teens and we eventually left my dad.

As for me, it was too late. I was used to getting drunk at age 15.

Even if I was a good daughter and an above-average student, I was all messed up. I crave for attention from my parents. Life at home was a living hell with dad’s drinking taking centerstage.

Being a good kid was not getting me the attention that I desired. In afterthought, I know where I slipped. I thought that a negative attention was better than no attention at all. So I started behaving in such a way that would certainly annoy my parents. I cut classes, didn’t do my homework and even lied to my mom and my teachers. My weekends were full of shoplifting and getting drunk with kids who I thought were my friends.

After several months, I noticed that mom was acting a bit different towards me. Suddenly she seemed to be on a mission to save me. It worked but didn’t last long enough. I was able to get through high school and became a successful travel agent. I loved what I was doing – the challenge of my work, being around with clients, most of whom are executives. It was the life I wanted. I wanted to savor the good things life can offer because my own life was nothing but problems after the other.

About five years into my career, I started to feel like I was losing control. I was engaged but did not heed the red flags. He was a lot like my father. My mom tried to warn me, but I wouldn’t listen to her. The next thing I knew, I was sipping champagne at the company Christmas party, and then my life started to fall apart once again. This time, a lot was at stake.

My mom and my stepdad took the initiative to bring me to Pur Detox in Laguna Beach. At first, I didn’t like the idea of going to the rehab. Not that I’m a snob, but I imagined it as being incarcerated in a dark, dingy place with people who were fresh off the streets. My fears were just a figment of imagination.

Pur Detox was like staying at a luxury resort, with the added benefit of being able to focus on myself and my recovery. Loving oneself is the first step. To love myself meant committing to the medically supervised program at Pur Detox and that decision was the greatest gift I gave myself. As an added benefit, I have learned to love and accept others unconditionally, as well. Methadone Addiction

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