Pall Emergency Water Purification Systems Preserved Many Lives Right after the Indonesian Earthquake

In September, 2009, severe earthquakes devastated the administrative centre of West Sumatra in Indonesia. Thousands of people were left without sanitary water when the water supply station serving 60% of the population was put out of commission. Since water is known as a critical resource in keeping people healthy, and none of us can live without it, people began drinking unsafe water from the rivers and canals, and so they began getting sick. It became extremely critical to have sources of fresh water into the affected areas in order to save lives.

During that point, the Pall Corporation, a worldwide leader in the production of mobile water purification systems, sent two military treatment systems into the area. These machines were used to treat as much as 400,000 liters of potable water each day which was enough to supply 75,000 households. The systems were also qualified to convert sea water into water to drink, so they were positioned on nearby beaches. However, since they can be transported by air, sea, and land, it absolutely was possible to transfer them, and similar systems, anywhere in places where water was needed.

Needless to say, earthquakes and other disasters happen across the world, and the need for safe water is critical. Although bottled water can be flown in, the fastest strategy to make substantial amounts of water available for the most people is by using these new technological wonders. The diesel-powered units supplied by Pall are designed for cleaning nearly every supply of water in an hour’s time. The way the equipment works requires little when it comes to manpower and maintenance rendering it well suited for remote regions of the planet.

As mentioned earlier, these mobile water purification systems are also being employed to supply water that is clean for troops deployed around the globe. Pall equipment uses an integrated membrane system which requires less additives, like cartridge filters, cleaning chemicals, and scale inhibitors. The machines can also be appropriate for shipboard applications as well as for temporary backup units for municipal uses. Whenever, any place, Pall emergency mobile drinking water trailers could possibly make the difference between life and death for many people.

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