Herbal Teas and Green Teas For Lowering Blood Pressure

Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, is a considerable threat factor for heart stroke and atherosclerosis. If you have hypertension, your medical professional will most likely suggest you to make modifications to your way of life, such as cutting back on alcoholic beverages and planning more exercising workouts. You might also require hypertensive drugs. Some healing herbal teas might also help to effectively lower your hypertension, but do not use them instead of drugs prescribed by your medical professional.

Example Of Herbal Teas

Hibiscus tea might help to lower blood pressure. loose leaf green tea might also have anti-hypertensive effects. Steep two tbsp. of dried hibiscus in a cup of water and take it once per day. The recommended dose of green tea might differ depending on if you take it as a tea or in capsules or tablet kind. The most typically utilised dose of green tea provides 240 to 320 mg of the active components recognized as polyphenols. Ask your medical professional for advice.

Academic Results

The results of a clinical research published in the January 2010 situation of the “Journal of Nutrition” showed that hibiscus tea lowers blood pressure in mildly hypertensive sufferers, and the authors recommend that incorporating hibiscus tea might be advisable for people with high blood pressure. Information from a retrospective study by Y.C. Yang and colleagues published in the July 2004 of the “Archives of Internal Medicine” revealed that habitually consuming green tea for one particular year considerably reduced the threat of establishing hypertension.

Tea Side Effects

Green tea is a safe drink for most adults, though it might result in a stomach upset and constipation. Drinking a lot more than 5 cups daily might result in caffeine-related side effects like insomnia, irritability and nausea. Hibiscus is most likely protected for most people. However, it includes chemical compounds that might have a laxative effect.


Stay away from hibiscus if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, and do not use it if you are taking the drug acetaminophen. Green tea is contraindicated in a quantity of circumstances, like liver disease, anemia and glaucoma. It might not be appropriate for people with hypertension who are not accustomed to drinking caffeine holding beverages, as it might have the opposite effect and temporarily elevate your blood pressure. However, it does not have this effect on people who often drink green tea. This herb interacts with many other drugs, like asthma medicines and anticoagulants. Ask your medical professional whether or not it is safe for you to use this herb.


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