Has The Time Come For You To Learn How To Dress Steampunk?

Futuristic sci-fi, Victorian fashion, all with a decidedly industrial edge are not the only things that define steam punk clothing. The subculture that gave this fashion statement its start began in the 1980s and continues in popularity today. As with other such movements, devotees of the steampunk movement love looking the part while adding their own unique touches to current day fashions.

When mentioning how to dress Steampunk some might believe that all it takes is throwing on Victorian dresses, vintage goggles, metal accessories, or corsets and calling it good. So, what is Steampunk fashion? Your answer can be found on the Internet, at niche boutiques and specialty shops.

Those who are not already immersed in this culture, but find it interesting may want to spend some time in research before launching into their very own hunt for acceptable steampunk costumes. Although Victorian styles form much of the basics in this genre, in order to be truly transformed, outfits need added detail. This is what turns an ordinary outfit into this subcultures rendition of how to dress steampunk.

You may be able to get a better idea of what you are looking for by investing some time in literature that addresses the steampunk genre. A good look at some of the steampunk blogs will help you understand more about dressing according to this subculture.

The first activity is to gather the main ingredients of outfits. Women are naturally inclined to begin with Victorian day dresses which are often located in vintage clothing stores, and online shops which cater to selling steam punk clothing. Men, and those women who prefer not to spend time in dresses, often choose trousers with a waist coat and collared shirt. Thrift stores are a great place to find good bargains when searching for this style.

Victorian gowns are not typically located at secondhand stores though. If you are a good hand at sewing, there are patterns to be found that can help create the perfect Victorian costumes. As a rule, brightly colored fabrics should not be part of any project involving how to dress steampunk. Dark, drab colors should be okay, however.

Metal accessories are a must in steampunk fashion. This is where the industrial revolution look to this style comes in. It is cogs, gears, large watches and clocks that form the main accessories and jewelry in steam punk fashion. Even rivets can be installed on clothing to enhance the industrial effect. If you are having trouble finding metal goggles, you might want to try your hand at making your own out of leather scraps and Mason jar lids.

Any fashion statement is simply not complete unless you have the right footwear which includes granny lace up boots for women, work boots or shoe spats for men to make the perfect look. Vintage accessories like canes, parasols, old eyeglasses, pocket watches and lacy fans are the right touches in steampunk fashion.

There are simply no set in stone rules when it comes to how to dress steampunk. Just go with whatever feels right for you.

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