Animal Story Book For Kids All Over

Animal stories have enthralled and captivated children and elderly folk around the world for many generations now. This collection of eight stories for children, about animals and their adventures, is a great addition to any animal adventure stories collection. Containing high-quality pictures that should leave you warm all over, the tales are heart-warming and will leave animal adventure story readers tickled pink.

The warmth expressed through each story is clear. Carly’s love for animals and for writing for children has been made clear through this book. Each story is 100% original. Each of the stories are filled with wonder, anticipation and excitement, which are key elements in stories for children.

While most children’s story books are written predominantly for entertainment, this book is filled with lessons and morals for children to learn from.

Donating 10% of all sales of this book to the Greyhound Rescue Group in South Africa is an act well-commended, and the theme of this book is perfectly suited for animal lovers from all walks of life.

Offering readers the opportunity to learn more about animal shelters in South Africa needing assistance, during the final pages of the book, also shows initiative. In the case of this book, Carly’s attempts toward helping animal rescue organizations meet their needs are noted.

Born form a strong and wonderful imagination, these stories about dogs, kittens fairies, pigs and many others, are guaranteed to touch you heart, and will please and delight even the most demanding of readers.

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10% of all sales of this animal stories book for children will be donated to the Greyhound Rescue Group South Africa. Please see details on the inside. Thank you for donating to GRGSA.

Animals are as much a part of earth as we are. They need as much love and care as we do. If you love animals you probably agree with me!

These tales will take you on adventures – adventures that you might not ever really get to go on in real life.

Although you may not ever meet these animals, you can see them in the pictures, and you may even find yourself sitting next to them as you close your eyes.

Through each tale you will meet new companions, and each of these companions will leave you with a smile, a lesson learned and warmth in your heart that only an animal can make you feel.

I hope you enjoy spending time with the animals. As you go to sleep at night you can close your eyes and see them again, and remember the fun times you spent with them during their adventures.

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