Protecting Your Children From Online Dangers By West Ridge Academy

No matter where you live, whether in a 3rd world country or the most advanced the Internet is the primary means by which people access information and communicate according to expert observations by professionals at West Ridge Academy. This is a double edged sword for parents as they want their kids to learn by accessing information and use the Internet for communicating, yet it is the primary means in today’s world that predators bully, stalk, and scam unassuming victims if they are not protected.

The threat of online predators is very real and must be taken seriously by parents who want a protect their children from these devastating dangers. Trusting and naive children and teens can fall victim to these adult men masquerading as understanding peers in order to made sexual encounters. They plan their moves in meticulous detail and are usually very patient until they earn the trust of their “preys”. Equally at risk are both boys and girls.

They are very persistent in their research to get all the information they need to become a trusted insider particularly in the social media sites that kids love to frequent. Often chat rooms are crawling with these slimy people.

Their strategy is to casually start a conversation build report through talking about the things your child has interest in. Its human nature to like people who will listen to you and validate your worries and that is what they do to your kids to draw them away into their trap to abuse them. Their whole intent is to get them to ‘open up’ and they’ll even send them gifts to win them over.

Creating a perceived relationship is the first goal, then they slowly move the relationship into inappropriate areas. West Ridge Academy says that if you notice that your child is spending more and more time on the internet and is becoming more and more secretive about the sites that he/she goes to, or the people that he or she is chatting with, or if you catch them viewing some pornographic material or talking to some stranger on the phone, then you may need to take evasive action as these could be tell-tale signs that your child may already be communicating with an online predator. West Ridge Academy recommends the following tips that you can implement in the household so that you can minimize the risk of your children running into sexual predators online. • Keeping a good relationship with your kids is very important so that you can teach them stranger danger and to come to you if they sense a problem.

• You must monitor the chat rooms that they can access, if they do. Make it a rule that they only use public chat if they are going to chat and decline invitation to go into private chat rooms.
• Never respond to messages whether instant or email from people they do not know.
• If you prefer, you can also utilize some internet software which lets you track the activities of your kids online.
• It is a good proactive to NOT have a webcam on the computer that you child uses.

A webcam is another tool that a predator can use to solicit sexual favors once they gain the child’s trust, hence it would be best to not have it installed in your child’s computer if it’s not really that necessary.

• Finally, it is smart to your kids or teens computer in a open and very public area of the house where their activity can be monitored and observed by all.

West Ridge Academy is confident that if parents follow the tips above and they keep the communication lines between them and their children open at all times, then they will surely be successful at keeping online predators at bay.

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