Finding the Best Supplier for Imaging Parts

Imaging equipment techs often are on the lookout for suppliers where they can buy imaging parts for the biomedical devices they maintain. There are dozens if not hundreds of these suppliers of imaging parts out there so here’s a checklist to help you in finding the best one.

Stock – Your distributor must have replacement medical devices parts for the hardware you maintain. Quite a few of them have on-line databases which will help you to pick which distributor meets many of your needs.

Selling Price – Selling price is not a straightforward issue. If you fish for the lowest cost, you may find yourself putting in components for radiology equipment that are low in condition. However, you undoubtedly don’t want to get burned by investing premium prices if you don’t have to.

There are two things you should consider. First, are the components for the medical imaging devices you are servicing inherently difficult so that you should invoke the ‘you get what your pay for’ principle and pay for premium? Or, is the part rather simple so that the ‘plain Jane’ low expense version will do? Second, when the sum of cash you will need to spend is big enough that you need warrant the work done, look for the window of prices in the market. A general range could suggest that you will be paying basically the same price everywhere else, you can proceed and order the part. However, if there are extreme highs and lows, find out why this is so.

Warranty – What warranty does the distributor give; lifetime, a few months, weeks perhaps? If they offer refurbished radiology equipment parts, who did the refurbishing? Does the refurbishing company abide by ISO quality standards?

Exchange Policy – Be familiar with companies’ policies for returns and exchanges. If you incorrectly ordered a part, is there a time limit within which you need to comply to get your money back or if they only allow you a credit toward future purchases?

Shipping – Understand all shipping and handling costs and check if they already are included in the original price. Also be sure to consider if the company can send you a part in the shortest time possible, preferably overnight.

Customer Service – Does the company have a effective service support available 24/7? Do they have customer service and BMETs ready to give you direction and help you to troubleshoot the medical parts you’re having problems with?

One can greatly benefit by having a checklist and evaluate suppliers and pick two or three trustworthy ones. One should probably not depend only on a single provider. You should probably to have at least two dependable radiology parts suppliers you can rely on at a future time.

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