Protect Your Eyes From The Sun To Save Your Eyesight

It’s very likely that you haven’t thought about the negative effects that sunlight has on the eyes and vision. Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one. Although virtually everyone uses some form of UV-blocking face cream or body lotion, a recent survey showed that only 32% of Americans know that they need proper protection from dangerous sun rays as well.

Why? In what way can sunlight damage the eyes and is it true that frequent exposure to sunlight may cause poor vision?

An increasing number of studies shows that sun rays of a specific wave length have a damaging impact on the eyes. According to the conclusions of such researchers, frequent exposure to sunlight multiplies the danger of age-related cataracts and macular degeneration, a couple of the leading factors behind extreme vision impairment and irrevocable blindness in the USA. It appears that sunlight speeds up ageing and therefore individuals that are frequently exposed to sunlight are also likelier to start to experience age-related vision problems earlier.

Apart from the danger of these long-term vision problems, exposure to sunlight can cause several other painful eye problems like inflammation of the eye and eye-burn.

The easiest way to protect your eyes from dangerous UV radiation is to wear sunglasses any time you go out. However, not all glasses offer satisfactory protection. I strongly advise you to check out the post titled eyes sun damage and find out more ways to shield your eyes and vision from UV-rays’ damage, as well as, discovering what kind of sunglasses offer the most effective protection and more.

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Eyes Sun Damage

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