Buying Legos for the Kids for Christmas

Legos are as common as ever, and also the list of top toys to the 2011 holidays released by Toys R Us couldn’t survive complete without having one or more construction set by Lego. For in 2011, Toys R Us has included the Lego Ninjago Lightning Dragon Battle within their “Fabulous 15” list. This 645-piece construction set retails for $79.99 and is sold with characters from Lego’s well-known Ninjago line.

The Ninjago Lightning Dragon Battle set is the most recent within the Lego Ninjago set. Introduced late in 2011, the set consists of the Lightning Dragon, that is Jay’s dragon. Jay is the fun-loving Blue Ninja of Lightning. His weapons associated with preference include the Spear of Lightning and also the Nunchucks of Lightning. The set carries a Skeleton helicopter and mini figures of Jay, Sensei Wu, and also the skeletons Frakjaw and Kruncha using a green spinner. The set features a total of nine weapons,such as the Nunchucks of Lightning.

The storyplot
The evil Skeletons Frakjaw and Kruncha have captured Sensei Wu and stolen Jay’s Nunchucks of Lightning using their helicopter. Your mission is usually to aid Jay and also the Lightning Dragon rescue him and retrieve the golden weapon before the Skeletons escape in to the Underworld.
Product Highlights: Ninjago Lightning Dragon Battle (2521)
• Includes Skull Chopper Pilot and Spinner
• Comes with four mini figures: Jay, Sensei Wu, Frakjaw and Kruncha
• Weapons consist of two golden spears, golden blade, staff, two big spears, silver mace, sword, and Nunchucks of Lightning
• Spit lethal lightning balls while using Lightning Dragon
• Turn the helicopter’s crank for real rotor-spinning action
• Lightning Dragon has pose-able wings, tail and limbs
• Lightning Dragon measures 18” wide and 19” lengthy
• Helicopter measures more than 4” wide and 10” lengthy
• Contains 645 pieces

The Ninjago Lightning Dragon
Several dragons can be found in the Ninjago storyline however the Lightning Dragon is regarded as the spectacular 1. Like the Fire Dragon and Ice Dragon, it’s 4 wings and chains connected to the head. The chains permit the owner to manage the dragon. The Ninjago Lightning Dragon is unique through the other dragons in this it’s 4 feet and 2 hands. Two big spears are placed on the dragon’s wings, and 2 flags are on the body.

The Lightning Dragon comes with a seat at the top to the mini figures to ride in. The set comes with barrels on either side with the dragon which you can use to attack enemies. With all the spears placed on the dragon’s wings, two vicious hands and 4 feet, the Lightning Dragon is a formidable weapon from the Ninja’s enemies.

Probably the most Exciting Ninjago Set
The Ninjago series of Legos consists of several unique and exciting construction sets featuring huge buildings, wonderful vehicles, and fearsome beasts that mini figures within the set can battle with. This newest set, the Ninjago Lightning Dragon Battle set #2521 is probably the most exciting within the series. It contains pieces that one could develop into a massive monster and carries a automobile also.

The Lightning Dragon construction set consists of 4 various mini figures. In addition to the Blue Ninja Jay, it consists of Sensei Wu, the White Spinjitzu Master effortlessly elements. It comes with General Kruncha, the Skeleton General of Earth, and Frakjaw, the Red Skeleton of Fire.

If you do not desire to continue building the dragon, the mini figures along with other pieces can certainly still produce a great contribution for your Lego collection. This set is affordable at $79.99 and is one of the better sets to increase your collection.

• A great deal of fun
• Great care about detail
• Sturdy and durable
• Helps develop motor abilities
• Ideal for imaginative play

• Relatively pricey

What Customers Say
Lego fans and also fans with the Ninjago series say this is one of the better begins the Ninjago series. Though the helicopter is just not extremely solid, customers repeat the dragon exceeded their expectations. The set is a lot of fun to construct and also to use. If you’ve got a kid (or grownup) who wants to collect Lego sets, the Ninjago Lightning Dragon Battle can make a fine addition with their collection.

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