How To Stop Divorce: Dealing With An Emotional Affair

Initially, it is often merely a harmless friendship. Emotional affairs are precisely like that at first. Sure, emotional affairs really don’t entail physical intimacy. People might think that it’s harmless because of this. Technicality aside, having an emotional affair is really cheating. It’s just a step away from sexual infidelity.

The bond outside marriage gets to be more important to a person having an emotional affair. At the same time, the cheating spouse receives companionship and emotional support from the new partner. There is a very strong emotional connection formed between the cheating wife or husband and his or her new partner. Sexual tension is present too but it’s not consummated. Not yet, at least.

Platonic relationships are not the same as emotional affairs. An emotional affair may evolve from a platonic relationship. Such things happen when increasingly more intimate information get shared. When the relationship is kept hidden, it’s an indication that it has grown to be more than just platonic. Another distinction is the fact that there’s sexual attraction involved in an emotional affair. There’s sexual attraction whether or not the concerned parties accept it.

It is really very easy to determine if an emotional affair is happening. Getting together with your husband or wife no longer becomes a top priority. You want to be around your new friend more. You don’t wish to become intimate with your wife or husband physically or emotionally. The usual canned reply of someone involved in an emotional affair is: “we’re just friends.” You feel that it’s easier to share your innermost thoughts with your new friend rather than your husband or wife. You become very generous when it comes to giving gifts to your new good friend. When you do not want your husband or wife to know about it, you know that you’re in an emotional affair.

Experts are in agreement that emotional affairs are toxic for marriages. The situation will only become worse if you ignore it. It isn’t really reasonable to think that the trouble will mysteriously straighten itself out. By ignoring the issue, you may find yourself worrying about a much more serious challenge and that’s how to stop divorce. You need to bear in mind that there’s always something you can do about it.

Although we desire to be faithful to our spouses, we still want the ability to make friends with the opposite sex. The key is setting clear boundaries. Always prioritize your relationship with your wife or husband. You should be careful when revealing information about yourself to your buddies.

You’ll naturally feel cheated if you discover that your wife or husband has been having an emotional affair. Call upon every ounce of self-control inside you to stop yourself from blaming your husband or wife. Your relationship will become stronger if you try to learn how you can satisfy your wife or husband emotionally.

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