Small Backpacks For Little Things In A Big Man’s Place

I wrote a series of activities for me and my new born child to do as soon as he was born. The very first father-and-son activity we did was jogging. I went jogging and he was on his stroller enjoying the view. What I want to happen someday is that me and my son could go out jogging together. But big things start with small beginnings and a run is the apex of a jog that starts with a walk.

I have planned a hiking trip this week and I want to take with me my now-8-year old son. I’m very excited, I can’t wait. My son cannot hide the fact that he too is excited as well. After I told him that we are going on a hiking trip he was so happy and started to pack things ready ahead of time. What he did was used his backpack and put inside some clothes. His excitement was quite amusing and I told him that we should go shopping together.

My son was hesitant to go shopping because he thought that this activity is for girls only.

“Well, Junior, it’s time daddy show you how men shop,” and with that, my son gave me a reluctant smile. Ten minutes later, we were down at the mall. It took us only 30 minutes to buy everything that we need. Women usually takes a lot of time to buy stuff.

I spent almost $500 for everything that I have purchased; it was not that cheap but my son was really happy. Do you want to know what I bought from the $500 that I had?

1. What I bought first was a backpacking backpack. In my opinion, the company that manufactures the most child-friendly backpacking backpacks is Osprey. What we purchased is an Osprey Jet Dayback with an eagle upfront, perfect for my little boy. We picked the color blue, as it is the general color for boys.

2. Second is a good pair of hiking boots. As much as Junior wanted to buy a blue pair of Hi-Tec Renegade Hiking Boots, there weren’t any. Thank goodness because I have not seen a hiker on blue shoes.

3. Then a Tritan water bottle. Also in blue.

4. Then we bought a Wiz Kids headlamp, also in blue color.

5. We purchased next a vest for my boy. A vest my not be very practical to use in hiking, but in fishing it is. My son ignores this advice. He said it’s where he’ll place his sandwiches and energy bars. Make sense, so I got it for him.

6. Then we picked up some cargo shorts. We didn’t choose a color blue this time.

7. Three shirts. One of them were long-sleeved to protect Junior from the heat of the sun. That was Junior’s idea, not mine.

8. A pair of Oakley. I wanted a cheaper brand but Junior said Oakley are not a one-time use item, it can be used everyday, which is why it is wiser to invest in an expensive pair of shades. It cost me around $250, constituting half of my overall purchased items. A pair of shades is as expensive as the other seven items combined.

After getting home we filled our backpacking backpack with everything we need to go hiking. All the backpack needs is to go outdoors and that’s happening over the weekend. I hope the weather cooperate in this father-son bonding.

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