Things You Should Know About First Communion Attire

There are seven sacraments in the Catholic faith. One of them is known as the First Communion or the First Eucharist. This is an important occasion for every Catholic believer where a person, usually a young person, receives the body and blood of Jesus Christ in sanctified bread and wine. Communion is an ordinary observance in Catholic daily and Sunday Masses. Since first communion is a defining event for many Catholic believers, parents make certain that they decide on the best dress for the event.

Conventionally, white is the appropriate color for the communion dress of girls. Skirts are preferrably be knee length. Frequently, the attire has long sleeves and the neckline goes to the base of the throat. Nonetheless, fashion has exceedingly changed. Nowadays, communion dresses vary from short sleeved dresses to sleeveless. Boys on the other hand are expected to wear their best Sunday clothes like black pants and white long sleeved shirt. It still depends on the culture and tradition of the country and the church where the event will take place. If you have a child who is about to experience his or her very first communion, here are a couple of tips on how to pick the absolute clothes.

A Communion Dress Passed Down From One Generation To Another
Traditionally, the communion dress is recycled and passed down from one generation to another. Know if your family dress of communion dress is fit for your daughter to wear for the occasion. Then again, be sure that your kid will also be comfortable wearing an old communion dress. Yes, tradition is important but you should not sacrifice your daughter’s comfort over some old traditions. Just be certain that the outfit is respectable. Have it dry cleaned first to see that the dress will be spotlessly white.

Budget Of The Dress
Know your budget. Communion dresses range from $25 to $70. It depends on how intricate the details are on the dress. A basic white can cost up to $30. Browse online because there are several boutiques that are offering communion dresses at reasonable prices. Put side by side designs and prices. On occasion, the cost dictates the shop’s reputation. Of course, designers and branded dresses are more pricey. Also, there are Christian specialty shops and boutiques, like Mars halls that offer cheaper dresses than local boutiques.

Understand The Dress Code Of The Chapel Or Church
Before making any purchases, ensure that you know the guidelines of the church as to the appropriate length of the dress. For boys, know the appropriate dress code as well. If you are not certain about your child’s communion dress, consult the church clergy members. Also, feel free to approach them if you have any queries.

Shop Beforehand
For a spring First Communion, begin shopping around for the absolute dress in December or January. This way, you will have a number of options before the big day arrives. Just don’t stress yourself too much. You can just window shop and comparer. If you find the absolute dress, ask your daughter if she likes it. Also, check if it fits your budget and if it follows the dress code of the church. If it does, then go ahead and purchase the clothes.

First Communion is indeed a momentous event. Yes, the dress is a basic commodity. But most of all, the child must know the elements that he or she will take. If not, the dress will be nothing but a waste of time.

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