Opting for an Electric Massage Bed in the UK

The electric massage bed has come a long way in recent years. At one time acknowledged only as benefiting the elderly and sick, electric massage beds offer features that appeal to a wide audience of UK consumers. Following are the highlights presented in message beds that take into account infrared heat.

Electric Massage Bed – Learn About the Positive Aspects of Massage

Massage is a non-intrusive for of treatment which seemingly creates no harmful side effects. Better circulation is a major gain from using an electric bed with massage. Circulation nourishes the nerves and muscles and helps to detoxify all parts of the body, including nerves, connective tissue, tendons and muscles. Excellent blood flow transports not just oxygen, but in addition, such matter as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, glucose, and antioxidants. Muscles are stimulated through a technique in the body which turns sugars, fats, and proteins into energy. Regular use of either massage chairs or massage beds will raise and sustain positive body activity. Further profits from using massage are greater immune system and metabolism regulation, and the improvement of muscle aches. In ancient Oriental medicinal practice, mixing massage with heat is very vital.

So why might it be necessary to get a massage bed in the first place? Simply put, there are many people suffering from conditions that make it necessary to receive massage therapy of some sort. Other individuals are merely stressed from the toil of everyday life, and can use a great method of relaxation. Lower back pain is one common malady suffered by many people. Massage can serve as a therapeutic relief to sufferers. By receiving massage, circulation may also be improved. Arthritis is yet another challenge that can be tackled by equipment such as massage chairs and tables.

At Laybrook Adjustable Beds, we have electric massage beds that can address five different levels of massage. One of these levels, Massager 4, is designed with back sufferers in mind, and goes to the small of the back to relieve pain along with assisting circulation, therefore healing tissue damage more quickly. Another massager, number 1, can help with circulation issues and swelling in the feet. Massager 5 handles any shoulder and neck discomfort you might experience. Imagine getting a wonderful shoulder massage by your significant other. Perhaps you’d enjoy the massage techniques of a professional masseuse. These mattresses are embedded with great massage capabilities to alleviate pain in the upper body areas.

Electric Massage Bed – Using Infrared Heat Therapy for Your Physical Well-Being

Infrared heat therapy accelerates the detoxification process that occurs in the body’s cells. Along with that, heat which is furnished from infrared sources goes far into the soft tissue, the connective tissue, and also the muscles. Infrared therapy is far and wide considered a helpful therapy that is practiced by qualified and Olympic sportspersons. Stress is is a matter which is known to be extremely damaging to both your emotional and physical fitness. The The relaxing warm sensation that comes from electric hospital beds is a popular feature with many UK consumers because it helps to rebalance the body after exposure to stress. This strengthens the hormones and autonomic nervous system while it enhances the body’s ability to deal effectively with stress. A person’s skin tone will show improvement due to the therapy’s ability to improve the body’s circulatory system. Infrared heat can also aid with skin-related conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. By liberating contaminants within the skin, infrared reduces cellulite. Finally, the raised heat levels in the body makes the body circulate more blood to the arms and legs, forcing the heart to labour a bit more to accomplish this. Studies have shown that infrared saunas help with arteriosclerosis(hardening of the arteries).

Electric Massage Bed

An electric massage bed is a great way for UK clients to have a positive investment in their own fitness and comfort.

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