The Challenge Of Training For The Ironman With Your Baby

If you haven’t experienced the Ironman race before, it’s one of the toughest challenges for any athlete. In fact, most people argue that it’s the hardest race out there. It requires a huge amount of commitment, which means constant training. Since you can’t take days off it will be hard to take care of your little one throughout the upcoming months. In order to compensate for your child, it’s important to figure out how you can do both at the same time.

One of the easiest things to do is to get a BOB Ironman Sport Utility Stroller. This stroller is made for Ironman training. It actually is the official stroller of the triathlon. All the serious athletes are using strollers like the BOB Ironman Sport Utility Stroller because these strollers are made for the demanding training.

A stroller like the BOB Ironman Sport Utility Stroller is lightweight, has strong wheels and a stiff suspension, is easy to maneuver and made for running. Plus this type of stroller is made to be easy to transport so you can easily get your training destination without having to wrestle with a stroller along the way.

The stroller will help you with the running part of the training, but what about the biking and swimming? Well, biking is easily covered by adding a seat onto your bike or pulling a cart with your bike. As for swimming, you probably won’t be able to train with a baby in tow, so plan your swimming practice days for times when you know you can get a sitter or otherwise won’t have the little one.

Training by yourself is a lot different than training with a baby. While the BOB Ironman Sport Utility Stroller is supposed to help you continue your training, it’s actually going to be more difficult. This is a good thing, because the time the race rolls around you will find it a lot easier. Why? Well, you had to work harder, so when you take on the Ironman without your child it will be easier.

While it is not ideal to have to train with a baby by your side, just think of it as an addition to your training. You will have that added challenge during your session. You will be forced to work harder and really take your body to the limit. Look at it as a tiny glimpse into just how difficult the actual race will be. Don’t give up. Keep pushing through and make the most out of each session – with or without baby.

The Ironman is a tough race. You are putting your body through serious stress and really testing your limits- mentally and physically. Pushing yourself during training is really the only way to be sure you are ready to make it through the race. When it comes time for the race you may just be glad that you had the extra challenge of training with a baby.

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