Locate Petroglyphs In Hidden End Of Road Destination Chacala Mexico

The Altavista Petroglyphs of Chacala Mexico
by Riviera Nayarit Blog

Chacala in Nayarit, Mexico is one of the most beautiful coastal areas in the country. It’s a humble area of about 300 residents placed about an hour away from Puerto Vallarta. Vacationers go to Chacala during the peak months of Easter Week and during the Christmas feasts to benefit from a few of water sports things to do, and to kick back, unwind and benefit from the leisurely lifestyle of the coastside area. The town is an appealing backdrop of the tranquil coastal lifestyle put alongside the verdant and untamed neighboring jungles.

A distinctive blessing in Chacala are the Altavista petroglyphs. Directed tours will take you all the way through the forest to witness the distinctive flora and fauna. It’s a historical tour, allowing vacationers a glimpse into pre-Hispanic Mexico.

The rock structures are purely breathtaking and a spectacular scenery to take a look at. The petroglyphs are to be found near the riverbed. Historians believe that the figures or petroglyphs were made by the Tecoxquines over 2,000 years ago. Once you arrive to the site, you’ll find them scattered all over the place. Remember that the locals take this as sanctified place, since it is thought that their ancestors made the carvings for spiritual ritual. You might even feel a small change in the energy of the atmosphere once you initiate your walk.

To arrive at Altavista from Chacala, you will have to take a 30 minute vehicle travel. If you don’t mind hiking, it can be finished in an hour or so. It’s most recommended to get a tour guide since the place is a bit concealed and hard to pass through without an expert in the area. The paths to the place aren’t visibly marked.

The trips take about two to three hours to finish and costs about $15 per person. There must be a minimum group of five guests to pursue a tour. If you experience trouble trekking, you might suffer a difficult time with the tour, especially if you don’t utilize a little combi or car to help you around. There are some rough patches so it’s recommended to approach the tour with an open sense of quest. Also, you must wear nice hiking shoes.

Towards the final stage of the tour, you are thought to give a little tip or payment to the caretaker of the site.

If this is anything you love to experience, it’s recommended you participate in the morning trips, because it’s not so warm and humid yet. The morning tour begins at 8am. This will also allow you to take pleasure in other calming things to do in the afternoon.

Take a trip to this exceptional and must-see site in Chacala. You won’t have this anywhere else in the world and you can boast of being one of the few lucky enough to see it.

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