Brilliant Resources On How An MP Fights Levies For Playgrounds

The British Education Secretary has stated that children’s playgrounds in the country should be free to use, as he replied to the final decision by Conservative members in Wandsworth to bill children for playing in their local play area. The rate that has been proposed is £2.50 per youngster, which many see as trying to take advantage of children’s wish to be outside and actively playing along with their buddies.

His comments were made in the House of Commons in front of the rest of the MPs in the UK, as he fought to safeguard the nation’s playgrounds from those that would like to charge for them. Although the country is in the middle of the toughest economic crisis for quite some time, he views this as a step past the boundary in scheming to make cash to fill up the government’s coffers.

One of the primary reasons why this plan of action has been so suspect is due to the fact that the local authorities presently receive playground funding from central government, to guarantee that youngsters have a safe location to play locally. Because of this the cash for playgrounds is presently emanating from the taxpayer and because of this they are thus being charged twice for its use.

Wandsworth Council has defended its plans by saying that the play area under consideration is really a fully manned one, and not of the sort that would be located in many parks across the nation. Moreover it stated that the two additional parks within the community would remain totally free and that therefore the parents of the children would continue to have a choice regarding wherever their children play.

Yet another high profile politician to get in this war of words just lately is Ken Livingstone, the previous Mayor of London. He joined a huge selection of people at a protest fairly recently to demonstrate in opposition to this suggested scheme. It remains to be seen however whether or not the council will back down in the face of public pressure or continue with their enactment of this contentious decision.

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