Vigor Rx – Components To Search For Before Selecting Any Products

Over ten years of research and development in the field of organic sexual products is now into producing Vigor Rx an effective male performance supplement directed at increasing sexual performance and libido. It’s a male sexuality formula, that is advertised and that it may enable males to increase their general sexual performance.


Epimedium Extract (leaves/stems), Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa Extract (lichen), Cnidium Extract (fruit), Yohimbe Extract 8%, Tribulus Extract (fruit), Maca Extract (root), Belizian Man Vine, L-Arginine, Erin Tree Extract (bark) and Muira Puama Extract (root)


This supplement offers the herbal and natural ingredients of Belizian Man Vine which is an aphrodisiac that has been used in Central America for years to increase libido and to up sexual performance. To use this herb most effectively, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals spent 5 years creating the best way to extract from the herb.

Additionally, Vigor Rx is developed to increase libido and sexual pleasure, increase erection stiffness and stamina, and increase testosterone levels. Thus, increasing testosterone levels both boosts the sex drive and raises the quantity of blood that is able to flow to the penile region, allowing stronger, bigger erections.


The key to creating an effective supplement is usually combining the best elements in just the appropriate quantities and the idea that its developer makes use of a lot of filler extracts is worrisome to us. VigorRx consists of elements like Epimedium, Yohimbe Extract and Tribulus Extract, which are known for their capacity to immediately enhance male sexuality.

However its formulary in its whole gets to be more of a disappointment due to the use of extracts that are low-performers in this arena, and that may dilute general abilities. This precludes us from suggesting to use it, especially since there are some quite effective supplements available on the market which are chock-full of top performing extracts.

There are many kinds of natural supplements available on the market that some seek to increase sexual desire, while others alleviate the conditions, like early ejaculation; and still othersenhance erectile function. They all seem to have the same claims, so it could be very hard to identify which one could ease a specific disorder, or which one is the finest at boosting pleasure.

The only simple method we know of to have this information is to have a good look at the ingredients used, and how they are combined, that may break or make a formula.

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