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It can be easy to enter into the trap of exercising too often without paying much notice to the calories you are ingesting. With a good hour at the gym under your belt, the attraction to reward yourself with an extra treat can quickly sneak into your thoughts hindering the reason you exercised in the first place.

If any area of this analysis sounds like you, then the next suggestions can help you overcome this.

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The first step is to track your calorie retention during 7 days where you exercised for more than 4 hours over the week. Repeat this process again but this time don’t exercise. More than likely when you compare your calorie retention over this month you will find that you ingested less during the non-exercise period than when you exercised regularly.

However before you get ahead of yourselfand exclude exercise from your weight loss management programme, managing your eating patterns isn’t enough for ensuring proper weight loss. Exercise too is important. The method for getting it right is being able to find the right balance between your calorie intake and export.

To help you monitor a balanced diet, free from the seductions of eating snacks after you exercise, we recommend including the following foods into your foods:

One: Oatmeal – this high fibre low calorie dish, making it the ultimate meal to ease your cravings between the morning and dinner.
• Eggs – eggs are one of the few food choices in your diet that contain Vitamin D as well as minimal calories. Enriched in protein as well, eggs are a great way to fill up efficiently.
3. Blueberries – a good source of fibre, blueberries contain no fat and are a proven source for Vitamin C. Also believed to contain antioxidants, these free radical burners have been proven to use fat for energy.
• Brown rice and whole grain pasta – these contain lots of fibre and very little sugar at all. The perfect tea top up.
• Turkey breast – the best thing about ground turkey is that you can use it to make loads of dishes whilst benefiting from its minimal fat and large protein content.
• Heated apples – healthy foods doesn’t have to be uneventful. By removing the centre, cutting the apple and warming it up with cinnamon and sugar on top, this can make a great healthy dessert.
7. Red wine – whilst you should drinkalcohol in moderation a study by Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital has found that women who drink 1 glassof wine per day are 30% less prone to become overweight.

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