Did You Know That Your Blood Type Could Predispose You To High FSH Levels?

The researchers discovered that women with blood type O, who took part in this research, were twice as prone to have an High FSH Level of above 10 — which is right on the cusp of fair to diminished ovarian reserve.
The study also discovered that women with blood type A were protected out of this effect as their blood cells carry an A antigen — which is missing in blood type O.
The scientists are suggesting that women with blood type O should consider having children earlier to avoid fertility treatments. Nevertheless the researchers also declared the investigation should be carried out on fertile women in the general population in addition before further conclusions and such advice is given to the general public.
This is very interesting because blood type O could be the oldest blood type and 46.1% of the worlds’ human population are blood type O. Blood type O is as well as blood type A which makes up 38.8% of the world’s population.

The causes of high FSH levels?

1. Low estrogen levels
2. Very high estrogen levels
3. Menopause
4. Extreme stress
5. Ovarian resistance or poor response to FSH

An egg might be of low quality if 90 days prior to ovulation something goes completely wrong with all the activation of primordial egg cells — the type of eggs you were born with. It requires 120 days for the eggs to “wake up” and ripen before they may be ovulated as mature eggs, ready for implantation.

A way to lower high FSH levels and produce good quality eggs?

? First and foremost is optimal nutrition with adequate intake of protein, good fats and complex carbohydrates.
? Iron and vitamin E are crucial for healthy egg development and maturation. Most women are low in iron which leads to general fatigue, pallor and heavy periods.
? The herbs Shatavari, Dong Quai and Rehmannia have traditionally been accustomed to treat poor egg quality and so are often prescribed to women in their late thirties and early forties.

Extra tips for O blood types

Anti Mullerian Hormone test shows what your ovarian reserve is like — the quantity of primordial follicles you have left. So don’t assume just because you are blood type O that your ovarian reserve is low.
Dr. Adamo is the pioneer of blood type diets and he recommends that blood type O’s eat a predominantly meat based diet and avoid dairy and wheat, among other things. This contradicts the Nurse’s Health study findings from Harvard, which implies that women who eat predominantly plant based diets have lower instances of ovulatory infertility.
Dr. Adamo discovered that O blood types should consume adequate amounts of iodine or sea algae Kelp, as it provides a blood tonic for O blood types and has a medicinal effect. What’s interesting to note here is the fact that iodine is crucial for healthy thyroid function. Ovaries have receptors for thyroid hormone thyroxine, that’s necessary for ovarian activation of hormone and follicle production. Thyroid disorders often lead to infertility. So I’m hypothesizing that it is possible that this thyroid – blood type O link has something to do with the raised FSH level. Nevertheless healthy thyroid function is of essence to all blood types.

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