Stopping the Child From Watching Too Much TV

Television is both a benefit and a curse, especially when it comes to children. It does not help that television companies make sure that they have shows which could addict a child to watch and leave all other activities in the air. This has been a cause of worry for many parents all around the world. Here are just some of the methods which could help the parents control the amount of time spent in front of the television.

1. Regulations. Boundaries need to be clarified. They cannot be left to fend for themselves without the benefit of a set of rules which they could not break. Rules are rules and should be upheld at all times by both the parents and the children who need to conform to the rules and regulations set by their parents. When do the parents set these rules? Answer: a child could be as young as one year old.

2. Time limits. If there are rules and regulations, then the time limits of watching TV are a part of those rules. Parents have to make it a point that the children understand they are watching on a limited time schedule. There are some who only allow their children to watch Friday and Saturday nights. Other days are to be considered school night and no TV nights. It should be expected that the children would complain and gripe but the parents should stand firm on their regulations or else. It is best to implement the rules and regulations from the very beginning, at a very young age.

3. Contracts. The kids can break the rules set by the parents, but they have to pay for breaking the rules. A simple warning should be the beginning. On the third warning the child can lose watching privileges. It should be made clear that each rule broken would mean loss of privileges. But it does not always mean that they lose only TV privileges, it could be other privileges they enjoy.

4. Parental Guidance. It is for the parents to determine what TV shows could be watched and which could not be watched. It would not be right to just set the children in front the without finding out what is showing first. That would be a bad mistake. Make sure to know what programs are coming out on those times the children can watch. If the children watch programs not suitable for their ages, they can lose the privilege.

5. School grades dictate the right to watch TV. Academic performance should be a key ingredient in the TV privilege. As long as the kids prove they have the right to watch TV shows which their parents approve of through their grades, they can watch. But if their grades should suffer, then they lose the privilege.

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