Make Plans To Prepare Well For A Mountain Bike Excursion

Summer has come round yet again and it’s time to consider the family summer holiday if you haven’t already before and you therefore come to the decision that a mountain bike holiday is a great plan. This makes the children happy and your wife also believes it to be a good plan. At least this way with a mountain bike break, she decides that she may actually get to spend some time with you at least.

Taking the kids from the house, you shove them into their respective seats in the back of the motor as your wife makes herself comfortable in the front seat. The next thing you try and do is collate all the belongings that have been plonked on the floor near the front door and shove them in the boot – you need to be quick because the family is itching to go!

The next thing you do is to get everyone’s mountain bikes from the garage and strap them to the back of the car and to the roof before getting in yourself and setting off.
Should it really be like this – well no. More time is required to make sure that everyone is ready for a mountain bike holiday and that everything is packed properly.

Firstly, it’s important to remember that mountain bike riding isn’t just a case of hopping on and pedalling off. The bikes themselves need lots of careful preparation and maintenance before a holiday like this. Without it, the bikes may be dangerous to use, especially if they’ve been sat in the garage for long periods of time. Who knows what condition the mountain bike is in after long periods of time sat in the garage. Like all machines, if they are left for too long they can begin to seize-up and suffer from rusty moving parts. It makes great sense to make sure that the mountain bikes are not rusted up and that the moving parts are loose and well oiled. Parents must take responsibility for their children’s safety by ensuring that the mountain bike they will each be riding is safe to use and won’t be the cause of unnecessary accidents.

It is truly important to make sure that the you pack a spare tyre inner tube and some puncture repair equipment and a small tool set to enable you to change and repair tyres. Water bottles that are easily mounted on the mountain bike frame are essential, as well as spare water containers that can be carried in backpacks. Other emergency supplies could include spare bulbs and batteries for bike lights and head torches.

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