Choosing Fun Action Figures For Boys

Action figures will always be very different from dolls. And even more different than dolls are “ride on toys” like the Kidtrax Red Fire Engine. The majority of action figures will be male, and most dolls usually are female, however there’s more to it than that. Barbie’s beau Ken isn’t going to be an action figure, since he dons no armor, has no weapons and was not created to take down bad guys.

Boys like to play at being more grown up and braver than they are right now, so imagining stories with action figures affords them the possibility to act out such dreams. Below we have a handful of this year’s best selling action figures, and their descriptions have been supplied as a primer for parents or grandparents who may not be sure what to obtain for a young man’s birthday or other occasion.

A popular action movie usually produces a line of action figures, and the lately released Iron Man 2 supports that theory. The motion picture is more or less based on the Marvel Comics figure, a superhero dressed in an indestructible suit of electrified metal. The movie character’s suit is crafted from exotic metals and electrified by a very innovative ARC reactor. The armor carries such a charge that excess energy needs to be slowly drained off as glimmering light emissions. The action figure boasts intricate details across his “metal” armor and lights up when you press the top of his head. A long lasting “button cell” battery is included with the figure. This great detail in toys these days can also be seen in the Kidtrax Red Fire Engine, where the user can spray water.

The Star Wars Story has presented generations of young people with well-traveled heroes, and Luke Skywalker stands out as the favorite hero from the series. The Star Wars Legacy Collection features the characters from the final three parts of the series, and the Luke Skywalker Pilot figure is featured in that collection. Luke is sporting his Jedi Knight flight suit that he wore in the course of the battle of Hoth. Luke’s arms and legs are bendable, and the toy is available completely battle ready with a blaster, among other things.

G.I. Joe continues to be America’s earliest action figure, and is one of the rare action figures that were not created from their own motion pictures and comic books. The G.I. Joe action figures have been updated noticeably since their introduction as four uniformed members of the military. G.I. Joe is now a team, and one of the team’s principal members is Conrad “Duke” Hauser. The Duke action figure is fully articulated, therefore it is capable of quite a few action poses, and packaged with with an unstoppable “suction ring” in addition to other armament. G.I. Joe figures furthermore include stands, so following the battle they can remain at attention until the next mission.

Each of these figures stand just under four inches tall and may be found at Target, Toys r us, and other big retailers for close to $7.50. If your child desires a much larger toy, then ride ons like the Kidtrax Red Fire Engine or something of than nature would be a good option. If you intend to obtain more weapons or the ever present action vehicles, the costs will go up a little.

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