Four Relationship eBooks On Clickbank

There are a variety of eBooks on sale on the subject of how to get your ex back of a varying quality. I have read dozens of them over the past 18 months or so and believe that I am well qualified to review them.

The following is some of my thoughts on what I deem to be the four best ones. The best one is the Ex Recovery System by Ashley Kay which isn’t actually as well known as some other eBooks. It is the best one simply because of the high level of detail it goes into.

Aside from the quantity of information, it is a really good quality so you do want to read it. The book isn’t just packed full of rubbish, every page has useful information on it and can help you get on the right track. There are two separate sections too, one that is for men and one that is for women.

Another on is the magic of making up which is without a doubt the most common one, this eBook took off really well within only a few months of it’s release. It has sold thousands of copies worldwide, so understandably the creator has made quite a bit of money from it.

The reason why I think the ex recovery system is better is because it’s a lot more detailed. The magic of making up gives you a much vaguer overall plan and is therefore a lot smaller which ultimately makes it quicker to read. However, it is still quite helpful despite this and if you read it you will probably learn something from it.

The last couple of eBooks I am going to mention both have the same creator. One of them is geared towards men and the other is aimed at women, they are called Ex Girlfriend Guru and Ex Boyfriend Guru. I have had a read through both and the overall plans for both are very similar. They differ with the finer details like what you should be saying to your ex and how you should act.

All of the above eBooks come with a full money back guarantee, which is a firm good point. You can get your money back easily if things go wrong.

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